Advanced Placement
To be eligible for an online AP course, students must demonstrate readiness for the rigor of the course by a score of 20 or above on the EXPLORE test in the subject area of the proposed AP course or an ACT score of 21 or above in the subject area of the proposed course.

Advanced Placement courses are vendor based and used in conjunction with approval granted by the Tennessee Department of Education.  These courses have higher fees due to the higher cost to Putnam County Schools.  Unless noted, Advanced Placement courses are FULL year courses and fees for the full year must be paid upon enrollment. Course fees do not include the cost of any required textbooks and materials or the cost of the Advanced Placement exam.  These expenses are solely the responsibility of parents and students.

Advanced Placement courses are designed to challenge students by preparing them to demonstrate college level performance through success on end of course Advanced Placement exams.  These courses are designed for highly motivated students who are reading at or above grade level and have demonstrated success in high school coursework.

To earn credit at the highest quality point level, students must take the Advanced Placement exam and score a minimum of 3.
For a full list of our current AP offerings and required texts and materials visit our Course Catalog.  For information on credits earned and quality point values, visit the VITAL and Dual Enrollment Course Quality Point Values page.
Attention prospective IB Diploma Candidates:

It is strongly recommended that you take Spanish I, Spanish II, or Spanish III online in order to fit all required language prerequisites into your schedule in preparation for IB Spanish (Spanish V).  Spanish IV should be taken in the face to face classroom if at all possible in order to adequately prepare students for the rigorous literary analysis necessary to be successful in IB Spanish.

AP Spanish Language and Literature can be used to satisfy a fourth year of foreign language but it is NOT a true substitute for Spanish IV for students planning to take IB Spanish.