What will the daily student expectations be?

Your student will have a course schedule, and they will have live lessons taught by Putnam County VITAL School teachers via Zoom each day.

What grade levels will be taught in the the Putnam County VITAL school?

Currently, the new VITAL school will only be offered to students in grades 3-12. Putnam County believes that the foundational skills that a child receives in the primary grades (K,1, & 2) are essential to the future success of our students.

What do you mean by the term "Home Coach"?

Just like in face-to-face schools, the most successful students have parents who are involved in their education. We recommend that a guardian serves as a Home Coach to support the student’s learning. Each family does this differently, and the role largely depends on the age of the student. For instance, high school students are encouraged to work more independently, whereas elementary-age students will need more support while completing lessons. Some of the ways families may support learning include providing daily structure, communicating with teachers, and helping students stay on track. The Home Coach also helps monitor attendance and ensures that the student attends state examinations as required.

Also, the Home Coach stays in touch with the student’s teachers by phone, e-mail, and online meetings. Your student’s teacher will contact you early in the school year to discuss how you will work together to help your student reach their potential.

Can my student play sports and be involved in extracurricular actives at their current school?

Any student wanting to participate in extracurricular activities (athletics, band, chorus, drama, etc.) at their current school can still be included, but will stay assigned to their school (in PowerSchool) and receive instructional services from the Putnam County VITAL School. You will NOT be a full time student in the VITAL school.

Will my student be able to login and work anytime?

Your student will have a schedule and attendance requirements, but if a student cannot make a scheduled class, they will be required to watch the Zoom recording of the class uploaded into Canvas (our Learning Management System) to be counted present.

What kind of technology does my family need to participate?

Your student will be issued a Chromebook. They will be required to use the chromebook to join Zoom classes and complete assignments. Your student will need access to a stable, high-speed internet connection to join their class each day and complete their tasks.

What curriculum does the Putnam County VITAL School use?

Putnam County VITAL School will use the high-quality, vetted district curriculum for grades 3 - 12. You'll be amazed by the creative and engaging experiences offered through our interactive online curriculum, including Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and elective subjects like Art, P.E., & Spanish

How and where will students test?

All VITAL students will be required to test in-person at a VITAL approved testing center. Tests will be administered by a VITAL-Onsite Facilitator. A testing schedule and location for testing will be made public with your enrollment to the VITAL school.